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Facility name : RTGC (Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane)
Purpose and description
A rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG crane) (also transtainer) is a mobile gantry crane used for stacking intermodal containers within the stacking areas of a container terminal. RTGs are used at container terminals and container storage yards to straddle multiple lanes of rail/road and container storage, or when maximum storage density in the container stack is desired.By runningthecranerubber wheelscan movefreelyin theyard. In addition, since theuse ofa power sourcetogeneratorpower ishigher thanthe operatingcostRMGC.
Lifting capacity : 40Ton
The main technology of facility
1. Need vector inverter control application technology
2. Need PLC control application technology
3. Need Industrial Communication Technology
4. Fault Diagnosissystem(FDU)
5. Crane Management System (CMS)
6. Automatic Drive System Steering(AGSS)
7. Automatic Position Identification System(APIS)